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Updated 3/12/2021

Friends, we have been discipline in NYC as well as NYS, and the numbers show the results. I am hopeful that medical experts are able to devise an effective and safe vaccine for COVID 19. However we cannot take our foot off the pedal.

I hope you are all doing well? The new school year has started, and some of us are participating in either remote learning, or in school learning please be careful. This applies to young and mature. I want ALL of you to adhere to precautionary measures to help to contiue the infection rates in NYC and NYS. Please be mindful of others. Maintain social distancing, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently, and make sure you and your friends are wearing protective masks.

Continue to study hard so you do not fall behind in yours studies. How successful you do Middle School, High School, College, in your Career, begins with the foundations you receive as a youngster in Elementary School. I cannot express enough, how important your elementary school years are; subjects like Math, Science, Reading might seem boring to you; but they dont need to be. Once you study and understand the material you'll be able to understand it and apply it. Everything is always easy once you know what you are doing. If you are working remotely, i encourage all of you to do your best. If there is something you don't understand go to what I call YouTube University. YouTube is an incredibly useful resource.

Below I am putting links of web sites that I would like you to visit, they will help you with Math, Reading and Science.

This message goes out to not only the Kidz and their parents, but to Adults as well. This message is about childhood health and wellness try to do incorporate some light exercise in your routine and slowly build up. Start off by walking 20-30 minutes every other day. We need to all make sure our immune system remains strong. As you progress in your exercise routine we can buildup and concentrate on other areas of the body.

We can also play the game of tennis using the Kidz modified equipment-this same equipment is incredible for for adults as well. This modified equipment provides for smaller nets, foam and red felt low compression balls, different size rackets. This can be used effectively as a means of providing an enjoyable activity which will burn calories, reduce stress and manage your glucose levels if you are diabetic. Exercising in combination with healthy eating habits will increase your quality of life.

Download information packets to safeguard your health and wellness with regards Diabetes and your Heart. Click on the following links Useful information Diabetes , Preventing Heart Attack The game of tennis can be a great game to combat high glucose levels, obesity and heart disease.

Please visit the American Diabetes Website for valuable information regarding managing your nutrition and healthy eating habits. Their site is packed with great information to improve your quality of living if you have diabetes, or if you are overweight. Please kind in mind that being overweight puts you at risk of diabetes. For additional information regarding diabetes visit Diabetes.org

Friends if anyone is experiencing problems with health insurance, and is in need of assistance please contact: Enrique Banchon at Healthfirst. Enrique Banchon is the PHSP Facilitated Enroller, 1-917-689-5611, or you may email him at EBanchon@Healthfirst.org@healthfirst.org.

Individuals that qualify for vaccinations should visit Somos Vaccinations encourage everyone to be vaccinated. The vaccines are safe and effective.

I encourage everyone to continue using your face masks even after you have been vaccinated. Please follow the guidance as put out by the health organizations.

SBTA is a non profit 501c3. If you have any questions pleases feel free to email us. Visit our Contact Us page.

Pablo Sierra